The never-ending line: 永福町大勝軒(Eifukucho Taishouken)

Eifukucho Taishouken is a well-established ramen shop that has maintained its popularity since it opened its doors in 1955. The shop has long lines of customers waiting anxiously for the shop's delicious ramen daily.
This picture doesn’t capture just how massive this bowl of ramen was. The number of noodles served was at least twice the amount that you normally get at other ramen shops.

At first glance, it seems like a normal bowl of ramen but you could tell that the chashu and bamboo shoots were carefully prepared to perfection. Japanese leeks, fish cake, and a slice of yuzu, the toppings and soup have a very harmonized taste didn’t need meddling with. The noodles were slightly curly with a medium thickness, slightly boiled and hardly stretched out.

The dried sardines went well with the soy sauce soup with the camellia lard floating on the surface. The lard acted like a cover over the soup that didn’t allow the heat to escape. There was acidity coming from the citron that contributed to a good accent and even though it was a large serving, you didn’t get tired of it. 
Eifukucho Taishouken’s secret to keeping the popularity of ramen that just looks like a typical bowl might be in constantly evolving the recipe, more than 200 times. Ramen shops that find success with certain flavors but continue to change the taste of their ramen allows customers to visit the shop at any time to enjoy an exciting new flavor.

永福町大勝軒(Eifukucho Taishouken)
3-5-3 Izumi Suginami-ku Tokyo-to