Ramen that tastes just like eating a grilled mackerel pike :創新麺庵 生粋 (Soushinmenan Kissui)

The Japanese love to eat Mackerel Pike. This is one of the most popular seasonal flavors of autumn in Japan. Many Japanese will crave a perfectly salt-grilled, in-season mackerel pike during autumn season.


Kissui Soy Sauce Soba.

Topped with chashu, a soft boiled egg, thinly sliced flavored bamboo shoots, mizuna, dried seaweed, and served with a side of sliced onions on a separate plate.


After one whiff from the bowl, I immediately thought of a salt-grilled mackerel pike fish. Perhaps they added mackerel pike in their sauce.

The noodles used for this ramen were more absorbent and medium thin noodles. They were boiled till tender and perfectly absorbed the mackerel pike flavor, making for a satisfying experience in every single bite.

From the various ingredients to new cooking techniques and inspiration, ramen is ever-evolving.

Grilled fish is a common dish in Japanese cuisine, however, when incorporated in ramen, it brings a whole new experience.

This ramen at Kissui offers a familiar flavor that is ingrained in Japanese food culture, yet it is an entirely new flavor in the ramen world.


創新麺庵 生粋 (Soushinmenan Kissui)
2-12-1, Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo-to