Japan’s soul food to the world: 楽観NISHIAZABU GOLD (Rakkan NISHIAZABU GOLD)

楽観NISHIAZABU GOLD is located in a quiet residential area a short walk from Roppongi. The original shop was built here and has now expanded with several locations including Los Angeles, California.  


琥珀 (Kohaku): Soy sauce based ramen

This bowl of ramen included Chashu (roasted pork) that was boiled at a low temperature, plenty of bamboo shoots, thinly sliced onions, and what looks like parsley on top. The taste of soup stock and soy sauce in this bowl of ramen gives you a soothing but powerful feeling in every bowl.


The soup had a soy sauce base with small sardines and bonito flakes that gave it an elegant fragrance.  Although it seemed to be particularly about the dashi (soup stock), we were especially interested in the soy sauce. It was made by Shibanuma-syouyu Co., Ltd. We have used this company’s product before but this soy sauce had a very elegant fragrance and rich taste.

Not only does this shop’s philosophy is to optimistically give joy to everyone all over the world and plans to continue expanding globally, it is also educating us about the greatness of Japanese ingredients which is a wonderful thing.

1-8-12 Nishiazabu Minato-ku Tokyo-to